This past weekend, I took a much needed break from Boston and took the train to Manchester-by-the-Sea with my friend Shawn. When we arrived, we immediately sought out a good place to eat. After some deliberation, we ended up at a great spot called Superfine. I don't have any shots of the meal but it was delicious! I had the fish burger and Shawn ordered a vegetarian reuben sandwich. After eating, our waiter pointed us in the direction of Singing Beach. This is one of the few beaches in the world that has singing sand that basically produces a sound when you walk on it. There are very specific conditions that have to be met for this to happen (see the wikipedia link). We ended up spending most of the day on the beach since it was so beautiful there. As evening approached, we headed back towards the train station but not before briefly stopping for ice cream and sorbet at Captain Dusty's!