Blanket Scarves and Muji Pens

Packing for Amsterdam was no easy feat. After going through my entire closet, I settled on bringing a various assortment of black articles of clothing. Fortunately for me, a lot of the people that I've encountered here so far also exclusively wear a variety of neutral tones. 

In the midst of stressful packing, I somehow forgot to bring a scarf with me. I got this camel colored poncho at Samsøe & Samsøe on my third day after cold weather got the better of me. It's a really great day to night piece because it doubles as a cozy blanket for evenings in my cold apartment. 

Despite my scarf dilemma, I did remember to pack about 30 size 0.38 pens from Muji. These pens are great for literally everything. For me, it's reached a point where they're the only thing that I can take notes with in class. I also brought three sketchbooks that are designed by the Princeton Architectural Press. The design of the sketchbooks is unique because every page is laid out with a different grid that you can work with while drawing or choose to completely ignore. I love this because working in them never gets boring!